Who We Are

Take a journey with Truff Truff and discover our exceptional truffle collection. Our truffles are foraged in southeast Europe in the Fruska Gora region of Serbia, an area rich in forests, vineyards and orchards.










Freshness & Quality

Truff Truff provides only the freshest truffles from Vojvodina’s forests and ingredients of the highest quality.

Convinience & Veriety

Consumers can rest assured our delivery of Truff Truff products is quick and efficient. We are proud to have five products that are unique on the market.

Unique taste

Our products are vegan, delicious and natural. They do not contain artificial additives and aroma enhancers.


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June 01 - 2020

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Why Choose Us?

Nature responsible


We try not to make a negative impact on nature with our presence, since we enjoy the atmosphere of places untouched by humans.

Products for perfect moments


Our products bring maximum pleasure at the dining table and go perfectly with celebrating the happiest moments in life.

Family values


Our duty is to preserve family values. We keep the family tradition by having everyone take part in the creation of new flavors.

High quality


Our products are of high quality, 100% natural, vegan and lift the mood of anyone who uses them.

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